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Proverbs 31 Ministries logo

This women's ministry has a complex, content-rich site that I had the pleasure of re-architecting and redesigning. Component to the project I devised a content and product cross-promotion scheme that better revealed the breadth of their offering.

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Proverbs 31 Ministries
Raise Donors
RaiseDonors logo

I worked with the RaiseDonors team to create the UI, UX, and interaction conventions for a new, robust reporting feature; all of which will drive upcoming features.

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Unlocking the Bible logo

As a part of my effort to redesign the entire website for this ministry, I also created a new visual presentation and user experience for the Unlocking the Bible store. Given the requirements of eCommerce, it required many new templates.

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Unlocking the Bible Store
Coach-Net Access
Coach-Net logo

I worked with the Ascendio and Coach-Net teams to spin up a new, informative, and effective website to market, explain, and sell Coach-Net's new Access™ program. I designed and built the website and created an graphics system.

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Skip Heitzig logo

I worked with the Calvary Albuquerque team to revamp, restructure, and otherwise bring Pastor Skip Heitzig's ministry website into accordance with the quality of the ministry's efforts. The AI and UX redesign included the launch of a new brand identity.

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Connect With Skip Heitzig
Capitalism Is
Capitalism Is logo

And sometimes I do personal projects! Capitalism Is was a pet project of mine to help the increasingly uneducated public get to know the only moral social system ever conceived. The informative mini-site also has a quiz!

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Kalkomey logo

While working with Kalkomey I was given a heap of boating accident, injury, and fatality statistics for 2013 and asked to create a visually rich, easy-to-understand graphic to share with other organizations within the boating safety industry, with a focus on paddlesports specifically.

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Paddlesports Inforgraphic
Should we work together?

We'll be a good fit for one another if…


Your content or service is vital and your challenges are significant. You’ve got a large content-architecture or user-experience challenge—or a host of them—and your app or website plays a significant role in the purpose and growth of your organization or effort. I'm at my best when working to address the big, complex stuff.


You're prepared to include all stakeholders in the project from start to finish. We must agree that only those who are involved at every touch point in the process can have influence on the project. Few things can ruin an otherwise excellent effort like a hidden stakeholder who joins late and exerts influence without the proper context earned by the rest of the team.


You're ready to place complete trust in a seasoned design professional, After sharing copious information and detail and then thorough examination, you want your designer make all final design decisions. We must agree that stakeholders should have proper input, but design decisions will ultimately be made by the one whose expertise and experience were enlisted for this very purpose.


You’re prepared to be challenged by creative, unconventional yet effective solutions. In the face of your content and design challenges you’re open to scary ideas. You don’t fear change, but embrace it. What you fear is the unprofitable purgatory of stagnation and complacency. You willingly embrace challenging ideas.

If all of these characteristics describe you, we should work together! But if even one of them is something to which you cannot commit, there's no possibility of our having a successful project and I'd encourage you to look elsewhere.

What's it like to work with me?

Before we agree to work with one another we’ll get to know each other quite well. We’ll discuss all the easy things and lots of the hard stuff, ensuring compatibility, so that we both know what we’re getting into, and what will be required of each of us; including any hard-and-fast requirements that either of us has. I’ll then put all of those things into a contract that is mutually binding, but is a reflection of our common understanding going in.

You’ll be in good hands! I’m a design professional, but I’m also a process professional so after learning about what we’ll be doing together I’ll prescribe the process; I’ll manage the process; I’ll set all the deadlines for your team and for myself, I’ll hit every one of my deadlines and I’ll expect you and your team to do the same (Yes, you’ll have work to do!)…and we’ll all have a clear view of what’s going on at all times.

We’ll kick off our project together with a robust discovery session where we’ll dig into everything about the project and everything about your organization. I’ll come prepared with a large list of things I know I need to know, but I’ll rely on you and your team to help expose all the things I don’t yet know I need to know. Even so, discovery will continue throughout the project as I'll rely on your team to help me make the best decisions.

You’ll never get “Andy’s version” of your app or website. My architecture and design decisions are based entirely on the objectives and constraints as prescribed and presented by your audience, your internal team, your brand, your industry, your content, and the time with which we have to work together.

Andy Rutledge

Don't be alarmed by my beard in this photo. My beard is muuuuuch bigger now, as it should be. Anyway, design efforts aside, I'm a writer and in 2011 I published Design Professionalism. Aside from hundreds of articles for my own sites I have written many articles for design publications; both print and digital. Those publications include A List Apart, UX Mag, Smashing Magazine, .net Magazine (for which I wrote a column over several issues), and others. My articles are included in the course syllabus of design programs at dozens of colleges and universities.

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