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The Challenge

Create a marketing website for a new tiered service and SaaS app, from scratch, that effectively explains and converts.

Coach-Net has been facilitating roadside assistance for its memebers since 1987. When they created a new service with a dedicated phone app they needed a way to market, explain, and sell the new system—and they needed it fast. At this point they had no content or copy, no concept, …nothing but the name of the new service: Coach-Net Access™. They knew their business very well, but I was tasked with creating the entire concept, content, and conversion strategy—and then to design it all to work effectively.

My Work:
  • Discovery process planning and exectution
  • Content concept and copy writing
  • Conversion strategy
  • Site / content architecture
  • Graphics creation
  • Markup & CSS
Coach-Net Access screenshot
Coach-Net Access screenshot
The Introduction Concept

Invite interaction at the beginning in order to reveal the potential for needing this service.

As this was a new service, the site needed a lot of exposition so that visitors could understand what this was all about. I decided to invite interaction with a select element in order to reveal the many things that could go wrong on a road trip; things that the new service would help to solve in a quick and relatively painless fashion.

The Content Concept

Use a logical continuum as a means for defining the content needs.

Since there was no plan for how this site should work, my approach was to devise a logical continuum of user desires so that the team and I could understand the content needs. I defined the themes as: 1) Why would I even need this? 2) What is it? 3) Who made it (should I trust them?)? 4) How does it all work? 5) What all is included?

With this outline established, I could concentrate on finding and creating the proper content to satisfy the needs of the individual components …and then set about designing all of this content.

Coach-Net Access screenshot

Coach-Net was already a well-known and respected name in RV roadside assistance. The challenge was introducing a brand new service as distinct from what people already understood that Coach-Net did.

The Up-sell

Up-sell potential Access™ customers without muddying the content.

With so much exposition and explaining to do, trying to up-sell potential customers on a PLUS version of the service while explaining the basic service could make an already content-heavy page too complicated for quick and easy comprehension. I decided to relegate that up-sell pitch where it was contextually appropriate: in the finer-details content area.

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Coach-Net Access screenshot

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